What does a media production company do?

What does a media production company do?

Many get confused when the term ‘media production’ comes to light.

We will explain an overview of media production and what does a media production company such as Harris Media Production really does.

Media really alludes to any types of communication for the purpose to inform, educate or entertain a wide audience. It very well may be anything from designing website to the new age of social media to television, video and radio content.

Whereas, media production simply means the creation of a film, television commercial or advertisement, video, business, Internet video, or other viewable program platform provided to viewers via a cinema or transmitted through broadcast, satellite, radio wave, wireless, or via the Internet. In short, media production is closely related to the media industry. Hence, this is what a media production company really does.

There are various types of media industry however, for now, we will just focus on those that are closely knitted with Harris Media Production. There are only 3 stages of what a media production does : pre-production phase, production phase and post-production.

Stage One : Pre-Production Stage

There are typically 9 stages of the pre-production stage that most professional media production companies do.

writing a plan on a piece of paper

1. Shot Lists & Storyboard

Both, Shot Lists & Storyboard usually goes together when writing up scripts – drafting a visual interpretation of the screenplay for the director and client to refer and prepare for it.

2. Finalizing the Script

This is where the idea starts and having a rough idea of how the screenplay should go about. It helps with planning and brainstorming ideas for the screenplay.

3. Gathering the Crew

At most times, crews are already attached for different roles even before an idea comes about. In some situations, there will be a need to hire a soundman to ensure music and audio are sync accurately with the video.

4. Scouting Location

Based on the storyboard, locations play a big role in the production stage. Discovering and understanding a location is important for the media production company to carry out their work. Hiring a professional location scout can help you save time and even cost as they probably know some laws that governs a location.

5. Costing & Budgeting

This is crucial to understanding how much cost is going to be incurred for the production process. By lowering your costs, then you might actually know how much profit can you make after splitting with other departments and crews.

6. Gear Up

The right gears will eventually get you the best quality during an efficient production operation. Definitely you can’t use a 50mm lens in a small enclosed area unless you are shooting only head-shots. At times you might not have the proper equipment, hence renting one might be a solution for temporary use.

7. Prepare & Deal with Red Tapes

Here are some paperwork that you have to deal with an move foward towards production stage.These could be permit, insurance and license that hinders the production stage. Dealing with these may save you from getting hefty fines.

8. Hiring the Right Cast

When all the pieces of a puzzle are fixed, the right cast is simply the last piece of the puzzle. This may take weeks or even months to find the right cast as you have to go through numerous auditions. A professional talent agent such as Harris Media Production will help you saves time and even your costs.

9. Rehearse and Meetings

The cast(s) will need to spend more time on rehearsing their script or even the physical actions that they need to perform. And one last meeting with all stakeholders will help to ensure that production goes smoothly.

Stage Two : Production Stage

Lights, camera, action! This is where the fun begins for a media production company.

a studio with a cast being recorded by a camera man

The production stage is also called the principal videography or principal photography, is where the shooting begins. A script supervisor may be hired or already attached with the company will be there to ensure the script is inline while filming. There will also be a gaffer or a light technician who will ensure sufficient brightness and execute the light plan for the filming.

There are also other important roles to be carried out such as video and sound equipments. Camera crews or operators and grips will follow suit on the shooting plan, focuses on capturing and recording all the necessary footages. Depending on the size of the project or the length of the final video may determine the production process to be completed in a day or needs to be stretched over weeks and at times maybe months.

Stage Three : Post-Production

This is the final stage of media company or media producers to put in place the finishing touches to complete the desired final video.

computer screen showing on editing the colours on a video

At this stage, the magic comes to life! If everything went well before this stage, all the media elements collected and created for the project will come to life that tells a beautiful story or compels the target audience in the most interesting way ever possible.

These are the most common steps in the post-production stage which may not be in order:

  1. Editing Footages Into A Video
  2. Combining Audio & Music into Video
  3. Installing Motion Graphics
  4. Adjusting Colour Grading
  5. Video Transitions & Effects

Then, it is finally the time to impress your client with the final masterpiece.

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Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful in Singapore?

Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful in Singapore?

Video marketing is accelerating at a high speed from all parts of the world. In some parts of the world, most businesses incorporate video marketing not only to market their products or services but also to create awareness about their businesses and improve their positioning of their brands. For an example, like this short simple video above which has no audio. Guess I got you stopped there for a moment. People will still watch a video without an audio. Which will be explained soon below.

Video marketing is so powerful here in Singapore, and you’ll soon find out why. Here, we’ll discuss the 10 reasons for the effectiveness of video marketing in this country.


 1. Visually Appealing

The first obvious reason is because it is visually appealing to people rather than reading a chunks of sentences with words. Based on scientific research; our experience, knowledge and skills in this world are perceived an estimate of 80% with our sight. This is highly true as we tend to communicate with others by observing their body language.


2. Saves Time

Singapore is a highly developed city with a fast pace moving environment. People are always busy working, spending quality time with family or doing any other things besides reading. Well, reading an article or post from the Internet is not really close to picking up a physical book and reading it. Videos are able to provide a more detailed and clearer relay of information from one party to another. Experts in videography or video making will tell you that writing also takes up a lot of time than a video.


3. Sales & Conversion

Since videos are more interactive and clearer to understand, businesses who sells through video will tell you that its better as compared to selling a product or service through content. As videos are able to explain better, people tend to understand better about a product or service.


4. High Return on Investment

Video can be displayed in most locations around Singapore as compared to content. Here, they have started video advertisment at bus stops around town. When you’re taking the lift to go up to your office, there will be a small screen showing videos. Even when you plan to go on a romantic movie date, there are still videos. The video is only created once, but can be shown and published into many platforms until it devalues.


5. Email Marketing

As mentioned above, content marketing seems to be on a dying phase. That is why, most businesses in Singapore has already employed video in their email marketing. When the subject of the email has the word “video” or even “watch this”, it tends to improve the email open rate.


6. Everyone has smartphones

Nowadays, practically everyone carries a smartphone. Even kids who are as young as 8 years old are already enjoying themselves watching cartoon videos and related. Even every adults in Singapore owns a smartphone. Technology has evolved tremendously that people are able to watch movies and shows over their phones.


7. Lazy Buyers

Most video marketing out there are about a product or service which doesn’t serve as a need but only a want to people. It’s not really that urgent and important to own one but even a lazy person will be enticed by the video and with just few effort of the fingers will then simply purchase the item. It’s ok don’t worry, I’m guilty of that as you are too.


8. “Share if you like this video”

Have you ever seen a video that urges you to share through social media or any other online communication means? And there are some videos which doesn’t instructs you to share but it’s either hilarious, weird and/or entertaining not to share? Trust me, I did my share of helping the community by sharing videos as well.


9. Trust and assurance

People tend to be comfortable or trusting with videos. For instance, a singer or an actor who they know is in the video promoting a product or service. Most tend to ignore performing more detailed research on the product to find more.


10. People still love a good story

Outdoor salesman are about to become extinct. People will generally tend to raise their guard up when a salesman suprisingly comes up to them and gives a sales pitch. Singaporeans already have load of things in their mind and conscious, why do they want to hear someone preach about a product? That’s where videos come in handy, most online videos are watched by people who willingly consent and take some effort to watch it.


Now you know why video marketing is so effective and powerful these days. It’s mostly due to the evolution of man and technology. So how do businesses keep on being ahead of the competition? They too evolve by following the movement of market and the trends of people.

Need help to kickstart a video marketing for your business? Look no further and let us know more.