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Is Harris Media Production a registered business?

We are business registered in Singapore. Our unique entity number is 53396939E

Do you deliver every image or footage that was captured?

We do not deliver every image or video footage as we’ll delete those that are duplicates, camera test shots, out of focus shots, images with poor expressions or poses and any other that may diminish our overall product and service delivery. A good example is when we would like to capture a clear shot of subject(s). At times, we may take a shot and preview the image on our camera, then proceed to take a couple more shots. We’ll provide you the free time and convenience of selecting the images. After a photo or video shoot session, we’ll spend the hours to carefully select and deliver to you the best.

Do you provide both photography and videography service at the same time?

Yes we do. And in fact, we’ll provide you with a good package for hiring both our services. Do enquire and provide us more details by contacting us here.

Have you ever shoot the similar kind of service?

Our highly network crew members with years of experience and wide knowledge has done it all! We have provided an hour service to individuals and all the way up to major events that have government, top officials and big players from large corporations. We’ll definitely assigned the experienced crew to your event or occasion. Moreover, we’ll discuss and coordinate the full run through beforehand. In this way, we’ll not miss capturing your special moments.

Do you provide short hours service of an hour?

Definitely yes! We truly understand that some shootings only require minimal images and/or video footages to be taken. For example, pre-wedding and post-wedding / outdoor shoots shouldn’t take too much of a time that is redundant and costly upon us, including our clients. 

What type of file format do you provide for photos; jpeg, png or etc?

We usually provide jpeg images after editing them. Jpeg format are known to be of good quality and file size is low which doesn’t takes up much space. However, you may request for png or other format that you like.

When do you usually deliver the photos and/or videos after the shoot?

Photos and/or videos can be delivered on the same day. However, at times it was take up to 2 weeks. This depends on the amount of editing work that needs to be done. For example, clients who wish to have special effects in their video. 

What if our event or occasion is in another language?

In this case, all or most of the crew who understands the language will be hired to your function. For instance, ever before, we provided services to an Indian couple for their pre-wedding, bangle ceremony, thaali ceremony, solemnization and actual day wedding. We discussed and coordinate with the couple beforehand. In addition, we not only did our research but also we deployed a crew who is proficient in the language and familiar with the ceremony and rituals to spearhead the project.

Do you have a studio to shoot passport size photo, individual and/or family portraits, product photography and etc?

 We don’t own one, that’s why our charges are relatively competitive and affordable in case you’re wondering as there’s no huge overheads to worry. Nevertheless, our partners have studios, thus we are able to cater indoor shooting if you are comfortable with.

What's your photography style?

You can actually choose the style that you want. Kindly view more of our photography style here.

Is there any additional fees for editing photos and videos?

There’s totally no additional fees for editing. Editing fees are already included during the beginning of the contractual agreement.

Is there any additional charges of GST?

We do not charge for goods and services tax as we are not GST registered business.

Are you able to handle whereby the venue is slightly dark?

That’s no problem at all because we have lighting equipments to proceed with our services. Informing us in advance about the poor lighting at your venue is highly recommended.

Will I still be charged if there is some downtime in between my event?

Yes, you will still be charged due to several reasons. Firstly, our crew are stationed at your event and are on standby. Secondly, during this period, we will utilise fully by taking detail shots of the event.

Does your photography service includes printing of photos?

This is an additional service in which we will be able to help you with printing. However, during the contractual agreement, we’ll discuss with you on the number of photos to print and which photos you want them printed. On the other hand, we will show you all the photos after editing, and you will be able to let us know based on your selections.

Do you provide album for the photos?

This is an additional service in which we may recommend several albums for you to choose from. Usually, we will advise you to purchase your own album based on your preference. As we had experience from past events, we will like to avoid conflict of interest with the album. 

Are we able to make an appointment to meet you in person and discuss further?

Why not! We love meeting people and new faces. We do not charge for our consultation. You can kindly make an appointment with us here.

Is there a deposit to book your service on our event date?

Yes, there’s a deposit which is also known as retainer fees to book our slot. By booking our service on your preferred date, we’ll make ourselves available for you. Our retainer fee is between 30% to 50% of the total fees. The exact amount is based on your convenience.

My event has to be postponed, are we able to get back our retainer fee?

Unfortunately, the retainer fee is non-refundable, this is due to several reasons. Firstly, we may have rejected other clients to make ourselves available for your intended event and date. However, you may reschedule your event date but only within a period of 1 year (365 days) from the date of the contractual agreement. 

How do we settle the balance payment?

Once we have informed you that we have complete editing the photo and/or video and ready to be delivered to you, the balance payment must be settled first. This manner is due to past clients who default the payment after receiving the final product(s). We are able to proceed legal actions with Small Claims Tribunal to get back our monies but it is too time consuming even though any legal or additional fees incurred while trying to receive back the monies bear on the client(s)  

Can I hire you for your photography and videography service in another country besides Singapore?

Yes, you may. Our service fees remain the same but you are to provide for travel expenses and a reasonable accommodation. 

Is there a deposit to book your service on our event date?

Yes, there’s a deposit which is also known as retainer fees to book our slot. By booking our service on your preferred date, we’ll make ourselves available for you.

What if our event extends more than the discussed duration?

In this situation, it depends on our availability. If we are not occupied with work matters, we are able to stay till the very end. There will be additional fees in which we will send you another invoice inclusive of the additional time spent.

Do you have discounts on any of your services?

Occasionally, we have promotions and discounts as a way of giving back to the community as we love what we do and don’t mind charging you at our full rate. If you wish to be updated of our promotions and discounts, do simply subscribe with us here.

Do you choose the music for the edited video?

In some cases, we will choose the music or provide you with some suggestions. The music, sound or audio from our selections are licensed and you may be able to upload in social media or anywhere without worrying that it will be against legal rights.

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