Music Production Services in Singapore

Only in Singapore, providing royalty free music copyrights for all your videos for unlimited life. You’ll  be the licensed owner and have all copyrights usage for any music or song. Share your video to any social media platforms without having to worry about copyright infringement or being flagged. Even special sound effects are available for you too!
We have all genres of music from pop, rock, classic, electronic, blues, reggae, hip hop, R&B, jazz, latin and any music or song that your prefer! Sync any music for all video purposes such as wedding, corporate, product, marketing, birthday videos and the list goes on!
Contact us today on how we can help you get the best music at the most afforable price that is perfect for your video.

Singapore Music Video Services 

Getting the right song or music for your video can be tricky at times. Contact us now so we can help to recommend the best type, genre and tempo that suits perfectly based on your theme and objectives.

Private Music Video

Wedding and birthday party videos need background music with moods that are romantic, happy and carefree. Find out more…

Corporate Music Video

Important for businesses, get the best music for your product marketing or brand awareness video to capture your customers attention? Contact us and we’ll get the perfect music for you… 

Special Sound Effects

Boost videos with special sound effects that packs more in delivering video message and captivate more audience engagement.

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