Singapore Professional Photo Editing Services

Harris Media Production specialises in all types and forms of photo edits such as corrections, manipulations, modifcations and retouching.

We truly understand that photos are critically important to everyone as they have sentimental values. Even for corporate businesses and photographers highly regard quality photos to boost their reputation, market their brand and even to achieve more sales; or else sustain reversed effects.

This is why, we are here to help fix all your photo problems that will save time and money.

Portrait Photo Editing

This service includes photo make up editing and body contour retouching. We are able to beautify photos based on your own preference. Find out more here…

Colour Correction Photo Editing

Some environments can affect the genuine colour tones of photos. At times, the reason could be the camera settings. Don’t worry, we can correct the colours on most photos.

Fix Grainy Images

Grainy photos, or better known in our industry as image noise, is a big eye sore especially to people particular of the fine details. We have a quick fix solution to fix this problem. Learn more here…

Remove Background Image

We remove and replace any background images to your liking. Photo bombing happens most of the time, be it a subject or object, we can get the job done. Click here…

Sharpen Blur Images

It’s disappointing when all elements are perfect except the blurs which ruin the whole photo. With our genius artifical intelligence software, we can help to salvage up to 95% details. Find out more…

Scale Up or Enlarge Images

Enlarge photos by 600% without losing any detail. Turn any mobile photos into breathtaking and high-resolution images that look like coming from a digital DSLR camera. Click to learn more…

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