Providing complete and full scale videography services for all objectives and needs such as product, event and business meeting videography services.


We provide amazing deals and packages for wedding videography. Which includes pre-wedding or prenuptial, actual day and post-wedding outdoor videography services. Find out more…


Whether it’s the first year baby shower birthday or the passing of another year, wonderful memories should be documented. Find out more…

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Advantages of Choosing Our Videography Service


To achieve the precise video idea in mind, it’s important to plan. By understanding your requirements and needs, we’ll be able to produce your idea into a video. This is absolutely complimentary and we are happy to discuss further about your ideas.

Free DVD, CD and Thumb Drive

Get your videos safely stored! For most of our videography services, we will deliver you the video(s) by providing you with a free DVD, CD and thumb drive. You don’t to worry insufficient memory space in your laptop ever again.

Free Digital Video Frame

We love to build a healthy long term relationships with our customers! Also to spice up your life, we’ll present you with hard copy canvas wall photo, photo book and printed photos such as size 4R. Good thing is, we’ll let you choose your most favourable photo to get it printed.

Complimentary Online Video Gallery

Our online video gallery will provide you with technological convenience. You are able to view, download and even share with others via multiple online platforms. Good thing is, you can also use your mobile phone to perform these functions.

Free Video Editing Revisions

Getting the audio and video to sync accurately could be challenging at times. That is why we provide free revisions for you to adjust and refine the video according to your preferred liking.

Pricing Plan

Your event or occasion for videography service could be marginally different and unique, as such we allow flexibility. If you require substantially different requirements and needs, kindly request a customised quote below.

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